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After...Removing some of the furniture and simplifying the accessories showcased the luxurious openness of the room.

After...Neutral tones in artwork and accessories
gave the room a spacious flow.

Before...The size of this large living room was hard to appreciate because of an excess of furniture and artwork.

Before...The strong red accents created a distracting appearance in this living room, taking the focus away
from the lovely elements of the architecture.

After...Bringing in furniture from other parts of the house and adding high-impact accents brought the attention back to the beauty of the wood and stonework.

After...A better room arrangement and well-placed accents made this room appear spacious and appealing.

Before...This bedroom lacked a focal point and made it difficult to visualize the size and potential of the room.

Before...Dated furnishings and a crowded layout stole attention away from the magnificent architectural elements of
this post and beam house.

After...After staging, buyers were greeted with a grand entrance that set the tone for the rest of the house.

After...With a different room arrangement, colorful accents, and furnishings from other parts of the house, this guest room came together with focal points.

Before...Before staging, this entry looked bland and
seemed to lack a purpose.

Before...This guest room lacked impact. There was nothing to draw the eye into the room.

After...The walls were painted a light tan and the suite was
staged in neutral tones with eye- catching accents.

After...Turning it back into a bedroom was key in
its appeal to
buyers with families.

Before...With pink walls and dark furniture, this guest suite didn’t maximize the potential of the space.

Before...This bedroom had been used as a craft room by the owner
but that is not always what buyers are looking for.

After...Turning it back into a dining room appealed to buyers
looking for a house that had one.

After...The paneling was painted a light color
the room was staged in pleasing neutral tones.

Before...With dark paneling and no furniture,
this room was unappealing to buyers

Before...Although the home owner enjoyed using this room as a den, it was designed to be a dining room.

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